Friday, January 26, 2007

Good effects of Niacin

Indian men apparently on average have thinner arteries than their western counterparts making them more prone to cholesterol build up and thus a possible stroke.  Throw in a few decades of fried vegetables and you have a very high incidence of cardio-vascular problems.

The way Big Pharma manipulates the system - neglect known old cures and try to figure out new ones so that patents can be filed and more money can be made !!  However, recently Pfizer had to pull the curtains on a trial drug it was experimenting with Torcetrapib because it apparently increased heart problems and death rates in the trial group. 

Read this article on HDL (good cholesterol) increasing Vitamin B3 or Niacin (or Nicotinic acid).    Naturally it is also available in protein rich foods - lentils and milk for vegetarians. It is available in India very easily - commonly known Beplex Forte -  Vitamin B-Complex tablets.

So all ye men (Indian specifically), don't lose hope because Pfizer lost ! Nature sure has a solution.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

To the F-150 truck beside me - up with you

Ford reported the second largest known corporate loss ever :).  Well, not at all surprising if one keeps selling pick up trucks in a world where the largest gas reserves are held by a Islamic monarchy!

Michigan roads (and probably Texas too) are a treat to the american car lover - the state never amazes me in the number of pick up trucks, SUV's and vans that are on the road.  With a very measly Saturn Ion (by the way it gives me over 36 mpg on the highway) I pretend to tremble at the next F-150 that overtakes me on the roads.  However, I now have one thing to say - up with you - you all gas-thirsty suckers!!!  Ride as much as you can before Ford goes belly up!  I just can't imagine how someone can spend 100% more gasoline than me to drive the same distance as I do.

GM has also been guilty of trying to design better SUV's in an auto-market waiting to adopt the next line of green vehicles.   At least, GM is turning around - cars are getting better, Volt was a great hit at the Detroit auto show, and the numbers are getting better.  Ford, in contrary has scrapped the Taurus - replaced it with a very mediocre Five Hundred.  No good car in the offing except probably the small focus.

I have not even started with Chrysler yet - and I already sound so nasty!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The prominence of India in the State of the Union speech

It is definitely not self-pity.  India figures twice in the last 6 state of the union speeched given by Bush.  And, in both the instances it was along with China, that India was mentioned.  Iraq has grown in prominence over the years, while issues such as Afghanistan and medicare have waned. 

Check out this feature in NY time - you can do a word search on things that interest you and figure out what the world's most powerful man thinks about these issues.

Looks like, things don't look very great for India, in terms of being an important issue in Mr. Bush's agenda.   In the next two years Iraq is bound to dominate a President's gameplan as he strives to save his legacy with a Democrat Senate looking for an to make him the scapegoat.

Monday, January 22, 2007

A country's troubled past - Turkey

An artcile in the Christian Science Monitor did not surprise me. Follow the link here. Having been exposed to Turkey through my colelagues in the PhD program at Penn State, I had earlier been surprised about how progressive and modern this country really is. However, the death of the outspoken journalist made me dig a little deep and I was surprised that Turkey has a lot of skeletons in its closet! I mean it literally. The Armenian Genocide, that is supposed to have occured under the Ottoman regime in 1915 is supposed to have wiped out over a million Armenians, and has been recognized as an official genocide by a number of countries. Turkey, however maintains that it was not a genocide but an internal strife. Hitler is said to have gained some insights from this genocide, probably the first in the last century.

Germany, probably commited a crime, greater in proportion, but at least faces its vicious past bravely. Although symbolic, German law punsihes individuals who deny the holocaust. It takes great courage to own up to own's mistakes - even for a country. Turkey, in contrary, denies its past mistakes, has seen violent times in the 70's and the 80's and somehow puts forward a modernistic face to the world community.

I do not deny that Turkish culture might have been modernized and is liberal compared to a number of middle-eastern states. However, the first step towards a truly liberal future has to begun by acknowledging one's troubled past.

Having seen my friends, I really believe that Turkey hs the necessary institutions, poeople and the will to achive this transitition truly. I look forward to that change. We are with you Turkey !