Thursday, December 06, 2007

Why this insensitivity?

The only thing that seems to rule in local Telugu news channels is the shock value.  I was watching news today and suddenly the screen showed a man's dead body with a noose around his neck.  This poor man had hung himself to death and the reported was covering the story.  The camera showed vivid images of the aftermath of a hanging.  It was gruesome and shocked me beyond comprehension.  Why this insensitivity to the dead?   Don't the dead deserve some privacy and respect?

Severe competition among the news channels has improved the variety but not the quality of reporting.  I prefer the good old days with DD2 when the news was delayed, but at least the dead got some respect.

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Jayarama Krishnan said...

Very true. Unfortunately, even The Hindu publishes such photos offlate. I've even sent a couple of letters to the editor complaining about this, but it hasn't helped. I just thank god that the reporting in The Hindu hasn't fallen to that level. Yet.