Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sue them first

For once, I side with Prez Bush.  He is most likely to veto  a bill that might allow americans to sue Iran, Iraq and Libya for their suffering due to acts of terrorim perpetrated by these states.  

Justified or not, the US is in a war against many terrorist groups in many nations.  It is an honorable thing to do for world peace.  However, there is bound to be collateral damage and innocent bystanders are being killed by the hundreds if not thousands in the cross fire between US troops and the terrorists.  It is of course very convenient to call this collateral damage in the interest of global peace.  However, will these victims be allowed to sue the US for financial damage caused to property and life? Yes, point well taken that the US army does help in the reconstruction effort (not to forget the millions given away in private contracts), but can lives be brought back?

Is it not justice delivered when an innocent civilian Iraqi victimś family is allowed to sue the US army - the same way a innocent american victimś family is allowed to sue Iran or Libya?  I don see a difference.  In the eyes of the law everyone should be equal.

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