Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The lost art of handwriting

An interesting article on the Times brought back a lot of memories of writing.  I really mean "writing", like with a pen (on paper).  Yes, it might come as a surprise, but I am sure many of us have really stopped writing.  It has been quite a while since I actually wrote a message o someone.  I usually type, as I am sure many of those who read this, when I want to communicate with someone.  yes, I know phones are easier, but often I feel email is a much easier way of communication as it allows us to think and phrase our thoughts and feelings properly. It allows us to correct our mistakes without the receiver knowing the raw material.  In essence the received gets a filtered well said message. 

Well, I think there lies the bigger reason for the downfall of the art of writing.  true, we could discard the piece of paper if what we said made little sense, but more often than not I remember that I used to get my message right, the first time.  It improved my grammar and I use to think before I actually wrote a sentence.  I don't do that very diligently now when I type, and understandably so.  Writing always seemed romantic to me.  I liked to write with a pen and I still fondly look at my collection of fountain pens from my college days.  I still walk along the aisles of expensive writing instruments at shops and just started with a Sheaffer recently.My dream is to own quite a few Mont Blancs and right now being fascinated with Kafka, I have an eye out for this beauty.  You might think I am crazy.  Well, we all have our passions :)

Apart from the snobbery of my self-imagined hobby, a pen, any humble one, is all that is required to really write a message to someone.  This new year, my resolution is to write a few hand-notes to some of my friends.  I think it feels more personal when they see my hand writing, as if a part of me communicates with them.  I hope my feeling is right.

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A Would-be-Dad said...

Still waiting for your hand-written note....