Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Vatican: Speak Up now!

The moribund local politicians governing local school boards in the US are just plain ignorant. Do these people really believe that the earth was created a mere 6000 years ago? in a mere seven days and seven nights or whatever time frame the holy scriptures say. Politics should never be allowed to dictate knowledge and the truth!

Ideally there should not be any debate about whether creationism and evolution are even alternatives, because, they are not.  Religion is ignorant in this aspect, and plainly with respect to this context, it should be called a debate between ignorance and evolution and therefore evolution triumphs.  All this nonsense about religious conservatives trying to impose their world-view on us is because of Vatican's silence on this issue.  The problem is that if the Vatican takes a stance saying that they believe in Darwin, then they would be violating the holy books. But, they need to speak up.  Speak up to keep the religious right away from interfering with scientific progress.

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