Thursday, November 29, 2007

Movie Fans: A group of wimps?

Reading this story on Sanjay Dutt on TOI makes my head spin and I feel disgusted.  This guy was charged under TADA for whatever small role he had to play in the 1993 Mumbai blasts. Granted, maybe he did not plant the bombs, but, he did know who the terrorists were and he had direct contact with them.  He attended their parties, interacted with them and even got guns from them!  He knew Abu Salem, and maybe even Dawood himself!  Still, many are obsessed with him, and I don’t understand the exact reasons.  IS it because he is an actor? Or is it because his dad was an actor? Is it because his mom and dad starred in one the greatest Indian movies ever made?  I just cannot fathom the reason behind this adoration.  Call me crazy, but off late I have begun to get seriously pissed with the way movie fans in India have endowed iconic status on actors.  At the end of the day -  actors are what they are “actors”.


Movie stars cannot be endowed with the qualities that they exhibit on screen. Can they?  Although, many know that it is just cinema, somehow they seem to treat these actors real life persona as something similar to their on screen persona.  MunnaBhai is cute, but Sanjay Dutt is not a real life MunnaBhai.  The so called fans – seem like a group of wimps to me.  I am referring to fans of movie stars across the board, Tamil and Telugu cinema included.  Mindless adoration of cinema stars is just being wimpish about one’s approach to life.  If you are the type of person who feels a change is necessary in society – you get ahead with whatever is necessary to bring about that change.  You don’t look up to a celebrity or garner inspiration from others to do so, let alone looking up to movie stars.


I guess movie audience in India, the mass audience, is as movie-crazy as it is cricket crazy!  There is no hope, no future for a refined approach to art in the mainstream as long as this continues!  It is a pity when the media talks about India’s great movie industry when the real truth is so dismal. 

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