Monday, November 05, 2007

Gphone, Open source, Linux...Hurray!

Yes! Google did make the announcement about its intentions to try and get into our pockets!  Through a cell phone, you stupid!  Although, Google will not be making the handsets per se it is going keep its software open so that developers all over the world can build apps onto it.  Such social innovation models are bound to be the future of a new technology revolution shaping up our lives.

The cute little Linux penguin is finding its way from the thousands of powerful linux servers that form Google's backbone to our pocket.  Google obviously wishes to get into our pocket to be able to finally serve up ads to cell-phone users.  Not a bad model, given that in countries like India the number of cell phones is bound to grow exponentially!  More particularly, the service providers in US will be forced to change their ways of keeping cell phone users hostage to their predatory policies. With the advent of the Gphone, we might all be finally free to keep our cell phone as we change carriers!

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