Thursday, October 04, 2007

Why India is important to World Cicket

Apart from being the game’s largest audience – and thereby attractive to marketers, Indian cricket is very attractive for another reason. Our team are world-beaters one day and street urchins the other. Not just a fortnight passed, the team is back at its lowest, proving yet again that what we severely lack in consistency, not talent. Great teams are made through discipline combined with perseverance and talent. India has produced some of the finest cricketers that ever walked the pitch, however, as a team we have always been miserable. We are buoyed by the fleeting glory begotten through mercurial performances once in a while, matched only by the magnificent failures in key matches. I always maintain, we should not have priors on the Indian team, and that is what makes our team special, the inconsistency. I guess there is not much fluttering of hearts when the national team plays consistently, therefore, our team has figured out a way to keep us on the edge of our seats, losing mostly, but winning once in a while – thereby keeping us forever interested in the game and relevant to the fortunes of marketers.

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