Monday, October 01, 2007

A silent world

Yet another country's attempt to shake-off its tyranny is falling flat.  The junta in Myanmar has succeeded in killing a revolt started by Buddhist monks, as the world stood silently.  The moral righteousness so wantingly claimed by a democracy friendly developed west is no where to be seen.  While it works with clock-precision when oil is involved, the morally concerned do not seem to be concerned with Myanmar's problems. 

A rejuvenated France seems to be worried more about a theocratic democracy's nuclear ambitions than it is worried about a military dictatorship.  My disillusionment with the West's stance that it champions democracy and human rights increases further as Sudan, Myanmar and Ethiopia continue to suffer.  As US and its allies struggle to keep their footing in a much denounced war, more serious things have caused millions to suffer in these regions. 

Myanmar's neighbors such as India, Thailand and China are to be blamed as well.  They have kept their mouths shut, as their own economic interests are tied to Myanmar's fall.  It might be true that these countries really do not care as long as they get their share of Myanmar's resources, however, they lose their stance on the world stage by staking such a stance.

As the presidential elections draw close in the US, I am sure that revolutions such as Myanmar's will remain nothing more than an issue in political debates.  except, for that little noise, it is a silent world out there - except for the muted cries of Myanmar's masses.

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