Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Networking the poor

New York times reports on a new social networking site (yet another!.. hold on) that connects day laborers in the Indian city of Bangalore with potential employers. I would keep my fingers crossed on the monetization and scalability of this entrepreneurial venture, but do feel that it is an excellent way of bridging the gap between households looking for maids, drivers and gardeners with people who can step into such roles.

Although social networking sites initially seemed like by-products of a connected age, they are increasingly becoming vanguard models of generating value for customers and providers. The hottest wars are no longer between Microsoft and Apple, or between IBM and Sun, they are between Google and FaceBook, Myspace and Facebook, so on and so forth! It is interesting to see that this entire boom is actually being driven not by tangible goods that people consume, but information and content that are no longer in the touchy feely world! What Microsoft did to IBM, Google did to Microsoft and now it increasingly seems like Facebook might pull it off on Google!

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