Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My life long love

I guess I love cars.  If you tell me which car you drive, I can pretty accurately tell you the size of the engine and its horsepower.  It is also likely that I will be able to tell you if you have paid th right price for what you have got.  Let's cut the bullshit.  You pay for horsepower and nothing more.  I measure the value of a car by the fraction of HP divided by value.  The greater the fraction the better the value.  Have you never felt the urge to beat the guy/gal in the car beside you to the next light? If you di not, then don;t rad this further.

My advise: buy a car that makes you happy.  I mean "Happy".  Not just resale value, mileage and what others buy. Buy something tat you look forward to drive.  It is something that you own, interact with and brag about - don;t you want a car that personifies who you are?

I love cars.  It will always be that way,

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