Tuesday, October 16, 2007

India: Nation is bigger than politics

The Indian government failed yet again.  The Congress party failed to convince the Left on the merits of the US-India nuclear deal and as a result the deal now stands nullified.  The Left has shown its true colors - paranoia is one word that describes their approach to western powers.  I cannot fathom what is it they are afraid of ? Do they still believe in self-sufficiency?  Don't they realize that it is a golden opportunity for India to step-up its relationships with the world's most progressive and pwerful democracy?

Agreed, the US' newfound interest in India might be due its fear of the rise of China as an economic power.  India, with its stable social and market institutions offers a counterweight to communist dominance in the region.  However, that does not merit suspicion towards US' attitudes towards helping India.  Particularly, in domains such as nuclear power.  Nuclear power is essential to sustain India's continued growth into this century.  Any help concerning technology and nuclear material is more than welcome.  Does the Left believe that they can somehow solve India's impending power crisis by digging up more coal mines in their beloved state - West Bengal?  I have nothing against Bengalis as such - except that they all seemed to be rooted in  their past, forever.  It is time they wake-up and leverage on their cultural legacy to lead the way forward by voting out the Left.

What the Left has done is unforgivable. The Left has placed their political fortunes ahead of the nation's interests.  I hope the public and the Bengalis in particular realize this and penalize them in the upcoming elections.  They need to realize that a pure communist approach that is anti-capitalistic does not bode-well for a resurgent India. 


Radha Krishna. S. said...

Somehow, I tend to believe that the Left is doing the right thing. Raising the right concerns about the right things at the right time.

Now, I've seen a lot of ppl saying we must tow the US line of thought, and that its good and all that. Probably true and right. But from what I've read upon the Hyde Act and the 123 stuff (frankly, I assimilated a little, and have not delved into it as much), I ended up with a feeling that the Left has a point.

And its not that the whole deal is put off. I guess its all about reworking some sections of it.

I tend to give marks to the Left for this!

Guess its needless to say. Have been following ur blog up rather religiously. Some good stuff you've up here, must say.

Keep 'em coming. :-)

Girish Mallapragada said...

You make a valid point that we need checks and balances for our inefficient and ineffective democracy to keep moving. Maybe it was for the nation's good that the talks reached a halt. However, the importance of developing nuclear know-how is critical for India. US is increasingly getting paranoid about the growth of India and China and how that is negatively affecting their interest in keeping oil prices low. Somehow, they seem to be in a belief that it was alright for them to reach the stage where they are by polluting the environment, but if China and India do it they have issues.

US has been particularly stubborn on this issue with its mightily infantile approach to global warming.

Thus, in promoting the nuclear deal with India, the US was trying to solve, not one but many problems. I agree with you that India should do some introspection of this new found love with US and act prudently. Having said that, I would rather be friends with the world's most progressive democracy and that too technologically most advanced rather be on their wrong side.