Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I wish I could go back in time

Some of my friends have given me rave reviews about a telugu movie called 'Happy Days'.  This movie made by Shekhar Kammula is a reflection of engineering college life in hyderabad.  I guess Shekhar pulled off a winner with his uncanny ability to catch the nuances of engineering college life. I agree that it might seem exactly identical to the stories of many of us while we were in college, but, we have to also remember that it is a reflection on generality.  All engineering colleges in hyderabad look alike feel alike and similar people pass through these institutions year on year.  I guess, that is why so many have started to feel nostalgic about this movie.  Well, Shekhar deserves credit for his effort.

On a different note, reading the reviews of this movie not only brought back happy memories but also sad ones. Particularly memories of being ragged so badly that I could not fall sleep when I went back home.  The utter disgust that raged in me when I was stopped from entering the college, because a few bastards did not want to write exams.  There was another time when a guy almost hit me for reasons that were entirely not clear to me.  I mean, college campuses have ample anti-social elements that create havoc in the lives of hard-working students.  Without taking names, my batch at Vasavi had its fair share of a$$holes, who now pass off as good citizens.  You should have seen these bastards in action a decade ago, and you would have never imagined they would get through college.  Somehow, they do and that aches me a lot.  The system is not supposed to let such individuals get by by almost doing nothing but damage others' interests.

Well, all said and done my peeves about my undergraduate life are no so big so as to make me feel bad about my alma mater. If there is anything that I would change if I had a chance to go back in time is that I would stand-up to guys who try tried to intimidate me.  Slap the senior who threatened me with physical violence if I did not buy him the cigarettes he wanted. Well, I am sure they will all rot somewhere, for their behavior.

Mostly, I fondly think of all the good days.  Maybe I will watch the movie.


Radha Krishna. S. said...

You haven't yet watched the movie?? GO dude! GO!

Must say it was wonderful. Ages since I even thought of my college days. After leaving college, somehow, the very thought of all those days used to fill me up with some pain, that I could hardly explain. So much so, that somewhere down the lane, I took a conscious decision to not let those thoughts even come to me.

The movie brought all of 'em back - good and bad - but somehow, don't feel that pain anymore. Good for me I guess.

Have a gut feel that you'd feel the same way. You'd enjoy the movie, and come out with a good taste.

Was telling my lady the other day, while watching some stupid movie on a channel - that probably all the directors and producers should take a lesson or two or three from Kammula. :-)


Girish Mallapragada said...


I will try and catch up on the movie when I go to Michigan. I have been lagging on gult movie consumption for a while now.