Wednesday, October 03, 2007

EPA report - Aura Azera Camry and options

The Environmental protection agency.  What is so funny is that after all the hype about Camry being the unbeatable car on a lot of issues, particularly mileage, the numbers are not very different from Chevy Malibu or Saturn Aura.  Aura came in with number of 27.2 mpg in real settings while Camry came in at about 29, for highway driving.  The point I am trying to make is not that I took the best call and got an Aura, but that people should probably look out for options b4 they go in with mere perceptions and little intelligence into buying a Camry or an Accord.  For almost no extras, the Camry charges 11,000 dollars more than a well-equipped Aura or Azera.  All in the name or reliability –something that buyers cannot even gauge properly, given that they have no clue what a DOHC means in an engine.  The blame for stupidity lies not just with consumers but also with the car companies who have failed, miserably I must add, in communicating to consumers that they have made reliable improvements to their cars and that  reality is very different from consumer perceptions about superior Japanese cars.


Till then, I shall bask in glory that I paid 11000 dollars less for the same value, and that earns 6% in a 12 month CD. 

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