Monday, September 10, 2007

Stay away Mr. Sharif

I am glad, glad that Mr. Musharaf acted sensibly.  Pakistan does not deserve to be democratic, given the sate of its politics and economy.  It is a country torn between religious Islamic right on one side and a moderate sensible populace on the other.  A democratic government will be inefficient, ineffective and will only lead to greater instability in the region.  Although I am a great believer in universal suffrage and individual liberty, it is with great pain that I laud the actions of Mr. Musharaf.

If Mr. Musharaf were to come to power, he would lack the strong arm tactics of the army backed Mr. Musharaf and therefore is more likely to acquiesce to the wishes of the right wing mullahs, who command the respect of the uneducated madrassa-attending right.  I wish, for once that the US backs the General against a democracy.  It is for the greater good that democracy has to be sacrificed in that part of the world.

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