Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Privatized War

I am against the Iraq War – for that matter, any war.  I believe we have evolved considerably as a civil society to sort out our problems amicably.  Nothing can change my opinion on this.  I do not believe in the eye for an eye adage, although at times I have felt that the US invasion of Afghanistan was justified.  What troubles me more is the fact that many have come to profit from a war that has brought nothing but misery and death to thousands in the middle east.  A nice article on MSN Money specifies the numbers here

As the article rightly points out the last five years have brought a windfall to some of these firms and I am sure to all the “institutional investors” in these firms.  The mutual funds and pension funds that hold the defense stocks and the banks, and all the small investors who have bought these funds.  In a way, many of us have financed the war and are profiting from it.  That troubles me the most.  In an increasingly networked business world, it is not very clear what is being financed by whom.



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