Wednesday, September 26, 2007

on averageness

I found an old post of mine at another blog – and here it is. This was in response to a post on averageness by one of my friends, Vamshi.

Vamshi says:

Welcome Gate to Morons

Its the mere hate I rejoice having, or for your averageness, that makes me write on the manners you morons excel in flaunting. The sonnet and the four lines do not mean anything to you but I wisely have used them because it escapes your crass minds. Phelgmatic are your views because you cannot face action and stand by the storm. Squabbling souls of yours make up the sum total of all choas in the universe. You are the prefects of all confused places of the world.

Firstly, you are not a distinct individual - not that you don't take over the reins of some hapless pygmies. You are residing parasitically in every creation called, lovingly, as humans. You tamper, finger, screw with the base ethics of an evolving mind and make it mediocre. You mother the mothers of mothers who make mothers for the wannabe mothers. You are a disease called paralytic somnambulism which divulges nothing but morphs the character to restrained ethos.

Hey human, breathe easy. For you do having some saving grace. You can evolve and rise from the ashes......

Thoughts of the writer are personal and to be taken as his view of things

Although, sometimes my own thoughts tend to agree with him, I have to admit that, it would hugely egoistic to admit so. What probably demarcates a genius from an average Joe is not just intelligence, but genuine humility in knowing that there is much more to be known. Such an approach, forced me to respond in the following manner:

However, my general thought is that the world is full of averageness by definition - humans, as narcissistic as they might be, are only defined by their averageness.
Although great men are known for being outliers, they do not exist without the averageness of the commons.

I feel your anger against mediocrity in this world, and I can associate with it. However, I want to remind you of what once an old man, who is no more, said a long time ago when we were in LFJC, and I quote ," If everyone becomes an IITan who will drive my car".

On a different note:

The old man that I refer to was Mr. Subba Rao, and some of you might recognize him as the author of a high-school physics text book. Mostly people despised him, but, he did make sense to me once in a while. He taught us all the Occam's razor in his own words. The latin version of the Occam's razor is something like this,

entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem

in english it means,

entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity

Stated in other ways, the razor calls for accepting the simplest explanation to a phenomenon. I remember answering a question in his class, the long way, and he said, "you should not try to point out your nose by putting your hand behind your head". Maybe, he knew the Occam's razor and reframed it so that we understood or maybe they were words coming from a genuinely sensible man. Whatever maybe the case, I will always fondly look back at my two years at LFJC when I met some of the brightest people I would have ever interacted with in my life.

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