Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Obama replied!

I had written in an earlier post that I had replied to a question from the Obama campaign on the Linkedin network.

A few days ago, I got a response in my Linkedin mailbox from the campaign. Just to keep the record straight, I wish that Obama becomes the Prez. However, I think it will be Hillary who will get the ticket and she will choose Obama as her running mate.

Here's the entire sequence in the reverse order:

Barack Obama wrote:

Hi Girish,

Thanks for participating in Barack's question on LinkedIn Answers – we
apologize for the delay in response. We received an incredible number
of thoughtful answers, and our campaign will continue to review all of
these answers in the days ahead.

Barack is committed to helping small businesses and believes they are
at the heart of the American economy. He is committed to expanding
opportunities and easing the everyday pressures so many businesses
face by cutting their health care costs, improving access to capital,
and investing in innovation and development.

He plans to fix our health care crisis and enable more small
businesses to provide affordable care to their employees. He will
expand loan programs for small businesses and create a national
network of public-private business incubators. He also will invest in
women-owned businesses, increase minority access to capital, increase
supports for businesses in rural areas, and work to close the digital
divide that limits the growth potential of many urban and rural small

We appreciate immensely your willingness to share your insights and
suggestions on these issues and your help in achieving these goals.

For more information on Barack's ideas for improving America visit:

Scott & Becky @ Obama HQ
On 9/12/07 8:10 PM, Girish Mallapragada wrote:
It is very easy to say that the wave of globalization needs to be stalled for small businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive. However, the tougher, yet, appropriate path to improvement involves embracing competition and not shunning it. The future president should realize that globalization is a two-way street and allow a greater integration of small industry sector with developing countries. The resulting strategy dynamic would benefit US small firms and entrepreneurs benefit from access to world markets and make them better through competition on their own homefront.

Private Note:
Wish you the best!

Question Details:
How can the next president better help small business and entrepreneurs thrive?

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