Thursday, September 13, 2007

Killing people is bad, period

Killing an individual is a bad act, period.  Does an eye, substitute an eye ? I am not sure.  Was the US invasion of Afghanistan justified - yes, definitely.  Was the invasion of Iraq justified - it sure did in 2003, now it seems more tenuous. Increasingly, collateral damages seems unjustifiable, in any conflict.  Not matter how good the intentions of an occupying army are towards civilians, collateral damage does occur and manifests itself in the deaths of thousands of innocent people - kids and women included. Maybe mankind should revert to the ancient war tactics that are described in great detail in the Indian epics.

Huge armies faced each other in large battlefields and fought to death.  Children and women were not involved, crops would not be destroyed, cities would not be burned down - effectively, there would be no collateral damage.  The world would probably be a happy place.


RD said...

Arent you contradicting yourself? If killing people is bad, then how is the Afghan war good? And how could you justify Iraq war, even back in 2003? Hegemony of the only super power!!!
I hate it when people talk about collateral damage as if it were some inanimate objects that they were talking about. How could they? We are talking about real people, real lives laid waste to the ambitions of stupid politicians!!!
How correct Lord Acton was when he said "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely".

Girish Mallapragada said...


You make a good point. I was beaten down on this post by another reader of my blog with whom I have a direct interaction. I had started with the ideal that "killing was bad". However, I lost track as I wanted to meander towards my final comment which was on wars described in the Indian myths. Your criticism is well-taken. What I am really against is the justification of collateral damage when innocents are killed. The solution i propose, given that, we cannot stop war-mongerers is that they kill each other in killing fields, not on city streets.