Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thank you, I want my pills from Dr.Garrison

Dr. Garrison was my physician when I was at Penn State.  He was a nice man.  I used to see him for my cholesterol levels and with his able advice, and "no medication" I managed to keep my cholesterol under the wraps.  I admired his knowledge and trusted him completely to give me competent advice on the matters of my heart, and I don't mean figuratively.

Increasingly, consumers of health care services are relying on websites such as webmd.com and rvolutionhealth.com, for example, to gain insights on health-related issues. read moe here.  It is a good thing that consumers are more aware of the options they have, however, it is not a good trend that they can now self "pseudo-diagnose" social anxiety disorder by reading about its symptoms on such sites.  Knowledge should enable consumers to make better decisions - not stupid ones.  Firms such as google and microsoft that are spending tons of money into organizing health-information of patients are towing a dangerous line.  Such forays of commercial interest should not lead to cholesterol patients self-medicating on Aspirin because it thins their blood!

Given the pace at which mankind's knowledge is being reorganized, I can trust no one but Dr. Garrison.  I trust his old-school training and his instinct.  Once I am sure there is a bot that is as capable as Dr. Garrison, I will listen to it, and I am not so sure that day will come.  Till then, I want my pills from Dr. Garrison.

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