Thursday, August 02, 2007

Coalition of the willing

The coalition of the willing ceases to exist. In dire need for international political legitimacy and more importantly, in need for US public support the US government has sold the idea of the "Coalition" and made that idea seem magnanimous. However, the reality is far from the truth. The coalition meant little more than US forces four years ago and increasingly even the symbolic presence of non-combatant troops from other countries seems meaningless. More specifically, because of the US' policy of no negotiation with terrorists.

In my opinion, no one should negotiate with the terrorists. However, when your coalition involves reluctant parties who were most probably pushed into contributing non-combat troops towards the war on terror, it would be prudent to rethink one's strategy. The US needs to reconsider its stance on the current standoff regrading S.Korean hostages taken by Taliban. Acknowledging that they can do little to influence the Taliban would mean that the US has achieved very little in Afghanistan - and the democrats would be more than willing to pounce on the administration. they can't negotiate either due to the staunch anti-negotiation policy; so what is the solution? The death of relief workers - and little will be felt by anyone except for the families of these innocent hostages.

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