Saturday, July 28, 2007

what foreign policy?

All that the media wants is some new hot topic. CNN is obsessed that the Hillary and Clinton camps are caught in a war (well sort of) as a result of remarks made by Obama and Hillary in the CNN-YouTube campaign. The specifics are that when asked whether any of the candidates would have a discussion with rogue dictators in countries such as N. Kore and Iran, Mr. Obama said that he would while Mr. Clinton gave a very political answer - saying she wouldn't. The Hillary camp seized on this opportunity saying that Mr. Obama was a naive, inexperienced newcomer.

Well, if you really take step back and think about it. I have not seen worse hippocracy from Mrs. Clinton. US foreign policy over the last "n" decades has been messed up - treating dictators such as Mr. Hussein as a friend and then dislodging him, covertly supporting the mujahidden in Afghanistan and then calling them terrorists , the list goes on and on. The famed US foreign policy of not talking to heads of supposed terrorist states is nothing but foolishness. Such closed door policies have no value in a world where public perception of US self-righteousness is being questioned. Mrs. Clinton promises change - but acts like a seasoned politician from the beltway. Half-truths, secrecy among other vices. She is playing by the so called beltway-rules, but, what her camp and she do not realize is that the world is changing.

UK is about to pull its troops from Iraq and the famed coalition of the willing will be reduced to US alone. It is high time that leadership wakes up to a new world. Mr. Obama is at least honest, though naive. New times requires new strategy and it was refreshing to see a candidate saying that he was willing to holding high-level talks with rogue regimes. It is time that the US holds direct talks with such regimes and makes it clear to them that it means business. It exudes a honest, direct approach to solving problems, a classic American tradition. One thing that strikes me the most is the honest, law abiding direct ways of the American public. I wish the politicians in US were more truthful.

I request all Americans who are eligible to vote to throw out Mrs. Clinton. She promises change but delivers none! It is not a virtue to be politically right - if you want to bring about change!

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