Saturday, July 28, 2007

The war I almost fought

I guess there is no point thinking about what you could have been in life. How about an army Lieutenant? Well, I was about ... well, really close to becoming one.  As I hear about the stories of young Americans who have died in the Iraq war, I keep thinking about my own foray with army recruitment.  I cleared all the exams required for entry into the prestigious National Defense Academy in India in 1995, however, I failed the vision test and had to give up admission into the program.  The program would have made me a second lieutenant in the Indian Army.  The icing to this story is that, the year I would have graduated  - 1998, the Kargil war broke out.  A couple of my friends who got into NDA in 95 saw live action on the front.

I keep thinking about how I could have been there.  I don't regret losing the opportunity, given, what I am now.  However, I do feel nostalgic, as if it was a war that I almost fought. 

However, as one family member of a killed American soldier said, history only remembers the very few individuals and not the thousands and perhaps millions who fight and die in the wars.  Well, in any case, men who really go to war don't do it for fame, but for honor.

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