Monday, July 16, 2007

Sprint booting customers

News agencies have reported recently on how Sprint is booting out customers because they are calling customer service too many times.  Well, given all the logic of profitability at the customer level, maybe Sprint is right.  Apparently, if a customer holds up a customer rep (I mean the human kind not the system kind) for 11 minutes they become non-profitable for that month as it costs 4 dollars for every minute.  Given an average cash flow of about 40 dollars from the customer, a 11 minute per month hold-up is all that Sprint can handle profitably.

If you ask me, Sprint is stupid. It should first start looking at its own systems to identify what is wrong within that is making customers call so frequently and why is is that Sprint customer reps are not able to solve problems quickly.  With absolutely pathetic service and high prices, all cell phone providers suck and now they are acting self-destructive.  I don't know what happened to the old marketing adage " the customer is always right". 

The one thing that I am happy about is that, now, I know there is at least one company that is acknowledging that it still uses humans to answer calls.  My provider AT&T is inhuman.  I only reach machines whenever I call them.  Sometimes, they don't even have an option for talking to a "human" on their menu.  I figured a new trick to get past the voice recognition system, whenever I must talk to a human.  I utter inaudible syllables in my vernacular so that the system loses patience with me and transfers me to a human.  Sorry IBM.  You can never get past that with voice recognition. 

Try it, my trick works!

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