Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The spirit of Detroit

I had an interesting experience recently.  Radhika and I pulled over into a coffee shop in Troy - Michigan, in our 'vette of course.  I noticed a small group of oldies staring at our car when we got down.  As we entered the shop, I realized that they were auto-junkies, old men who had probably retired as members of the UAW and had nothing to talk about except cars.  I was glad that our car got attention from them. 

After a few minutes, a man in a really old Ford pulled up. Instantly, there "ooohs" and "aaahs" from the group.  One man even got up to get a closer look at the car.  They instantly recognized the car as a 1939 Ford and I was amazed with the passion with which these guys kept talking about its finish, contours etc.  Finally, they got up to leave and they walked over to our 'vette walked around it for about 5 minutes, talked among themselves and finally left.  One of them, rode away in a bicycle, one in a motorcycle and one in a car.

I felt amazed.  What binds these men is I guess the indomitable spirit of Motown!  Live on Motown.

I guess, the next obvious comment is  - it is old glory and the Big 3 are dying.  Yes, they are!  However, that does not take away the american eye for a good car!  Honestly, I believe that the Sphinx shall rise again!

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