Thursday, July 12, 2007

A month without a cell phone

I had a long woe-filled discussion with my wife yesterday night.  Conclusion: I am going to try a small experiment for a month.  Starting September 1st, I will roam around with a cell phone.  I realized how badly the cell phone providers suck at offering value-filled cell phone service.

I just could not find a good provider in the Chapel Hill area and although Verizon came close, they suck so bad at good phones. No cell phone company seems to be interested in selling service to basic users like me.  They are extremely interested in teens who download videos and music, and in business users who use the internet for email and other applications.  I am the guy they don't want.  I only make calls, watch out for my minutes and call friends only during off peak hours.  I guess, I am not interesting any more to any one.

What I don't understand is that although there are a lot of basic users like me, somehow the cell phone providers are intent on making us upgrade to phones with cameras and music players so that we start consuming content.  I just don't see myself doing that or even feel the need to be such a consumer.  i want  ano nonsense phone that is fast and good for making calls.  i want better signal reception and call quality not Beyonce on my screen.  After thinking about it for a while and a long crib-filled discussion with my wife, I have decided that I will try and spend a month without a cell phone once my contract with AT&T ends. If life becomes unbearable without a cell phone, I will admit defeat and sign-up for a contract and shell out money from my pocket to get a good phone.  Else, I may even start a movement.

Cheers to me!


Jayarama Krishnan said...

Believe me, it's not so bad. I spent over an year without a cellphone in the US, and was none the worse. You'll miss it a bit initially, but that's more because your pocket feels lighter! And you won't believe how soon you'll get used to life without it.
Look at it this way - outgoing, you're not going to make too many calls from work; at home, Vonage rocks! Incoming - you're still reachable at both places.

The only time you'll miss it is in the car - it's a better alternative to sleeping while driving ;)

The only time when you feel kind of crippled without a cell, is during long drives...but I guess your life is going to have fewer of those too :)

So go ahead my friend, may your revolution succeed....but just remember - if it succeeds, you weren't the first ;)

Girish Mallapragada said...

Sure Smooth ...I think I should acknowledge the leader before me...
I did take a Vonage connection yesterday .. so i am on my way as of now.. let's see how it works out
I agree with you on the fact that driving while sleeping is better than driving while talking..
in fact i remember reading a recent study in which it was found that people who are on the cell phone are as incapable to drive as someone who had a couple of drinks.