Sunday, July 22, 2007

The magical cell phone

My thoughts on cell phones continue.  New York Times reports on new laws that might change how consumers use their cell phones across carriers!  Read the story here

My first phone with AT&T came locked which meant that I could not use it with any other provider.  However, I looked up ebay for a solution and found a device that allowed me to unlock the phone, and voila! I was able to use the Sony phone when I went to India.  Later, I got to know that you can actually get your wireless carrier to unlock your phone, by calling their customer service! That was a welcome.  However, if you belong to either the Verizon or the Sprint network, then toughluck - Why? Because these two providers are on a CDMA network which is not very popular in Asia particularly.  In Asia, particularly, India uses GSM a much newer technology.  Arguments about the merits of both these technologies, exist and therefore there is no point in taking sides.

Anyways, next time you are traveling to India, call your provider and unlock your phone! 

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