Sunday, July 08, 2007


This will be my first official post as a faculty member at UNC.  It was  wild ride from being a PhD student at PSU  to a faculty member at UNC.  A nittany lion to a tarheel!

Well anyways, as some of you might know, the US Immigration agency acted crazy over the last 2 weeks.  Without dwelling upon the details of their actions, it is suffice to say that much of what they had done was to appease the pro-legal immigration lobbyists.  However, their good intentions were seen through and the underlying political agenda came out when they failed to anticipate the scale of legal immigration.  As the prez was trying to coax the senate into passing a comprehensive immigration bill that largely was pro-illegal immigrants, the government agency tried to assuage the sensibilities of the legals by making all visa priority dates current.  The life of their decision was just a few weeks, and as soon as the immigration bill was defeated in the senate, the government had little to gain by reforming the scene for "legals" and therefore pulled back all the dates and froze the process till October 1st.

Welcome to the legal immigration!  A chaotic anarchy with no rhyme or reason.  Exploited by consultancies, scorned at by educated legal aspirants and misunderstood by everyone.

Girish Mallapragada
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Kenan-Flagler Business School
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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