Thursday, June 28, 2007

Life on Mars or Life on Earth?

I have always wondered what is more important - finding out if there was/is life on mars? or if we can save life on earth?  It is true, the scientific establishment spends more money on exploring outer space and building new technology for traveling to the outer-reaches of our solar system than figuring out how to remove hunger and death from earth.

Is earth not important? Even if life exists on Mars - would it change our perceptions of who we are so drastically? I don't think so, as long as we don't value all human life to be the same.  While, millions perish to preventable diseases in the developing world - the developed world looks for ET life.  Is it that as a evolving race - we have come to believe too much in Darwinism? Do we think that only the fittest will survive? Do we believe that the millions who die around the world every year - are bound to their fate because they were born in the wrong place?

We need a fundamental change to our very notion of what life is - before we go finding it on Mars. 

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Gurpinder said...

Malla...Congrats on the appointment. Been through the blog and find it pretty interesting.
All the best - Gurpi, L'01