Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The iphone hype

My rationality went into hyperdrive after I heard that Apple is launching its iphone on June 29th. 

I am close to completing my 2-year cell phone contract with AT&T in about 2 months from now.  I am definitely looking forward to getting a phone that will double up as a PDA and probably a GPS as well. I hate carrying around multiple gadgets and would really love to have a device that can help me multi-task.  However, although iphone can do all these things for me, a 500 USD price tag seems too much to me.  That's when my rationality took over.  I convinced myself that iphone is for people who want their phone to browse the web, downloads videos and music, and finally (phew!) to make calls.

I guess, my lookout for a phone that can be a PDA/GPS will continue.

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