Monday, June 25, 2007

Apathy is a crime

In my opinion there is no bigger crime than apathy.  We are all guilty of it.

Most of us live our lives oblivious to what goes in the "world" that we are not exposed to.   We lead our selfish lives with ease - some thank god for the daily bread while some think they have earned it. Some just steal it and some dream of it. 

Thousands die around the world due to hunger and disease everyday, and yet we pay little or almost no attention to the stats of the world that we are in.  I am guilty of this crime too.  I am often preoccupied with my own work and do not even think of things that do not directly affect me.  I guess, most of us are like that.  We have our microcosms and we live in them creating barriers around us that bless us with nothing but apathy.

I have always made a conscious effort of getting out of this "little" world and look beyond.  I realize my crime, whenever I reach out.  I am guilty of apathy.  Apathy towards the millions of children who die in the developed world - of hunger and disease.  When the guilt strikes me I make a monetary contribution.  I would like to be involved at a grass root level, but, my world does not allow me to.  I do not have grandiose dreams of giving up my life to serve the needy. But, what I do know is that I can make a difference through my monetary contributions to NGOs and other relief organizations.  I urge that you do the same.  Apathy is a crime. Crime against humanity.

A few sites that you might want to check out.  I have had a positive experience with these organizations.  I have made a pledge that I will give away a small portion of my income to charities every year.  take the pledge. Keep it up.  Even if it is just to free yourself off your guilt, that's fine.  At least a hungry child will eat a happy meal somewhere in the world.

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