Thursday, April 05, 2007

The opinionated immigrant trying to defend a dissertation

I am pretty opinionated - I am against the war in Iraq, I am pro-life, I am for gay marriages, I believe US exercises its power on the world, I believe China and India are rising powers etc. etc.  However, as you can see -  based on my opinions I do not belong to any of the simplistic categorization schemes that the media uses in the western world.  I am neither left, nor right, nor a liberal, nor a Regan republican, nor a conservative, nor a libertarian....I realized I am none of these. I am not sure of the reasons and I can only ponder about them.

I thought about this for quite a while.  Maybe it is because I come from a different country and culture - far far away in the East which is collectivistic, as opposed to the western individualistic approach towards life.  Maybe it is because I grew up in a society whose tremendous success on some issues is only matched by its magnificent failures in some.  Maybe, it is because of India's pluralistic approach, as Amartya Sen calls it, that lead to my beliefs.  I cannot really pin point the exact reason, but I am sure it is combination of a lot of rational valid reasons.

At the end of the day, I am an immigrant, or maybe I should say, I am a non-immigrant, to keep INS from raiding my student dwelling !  Am I entitled to a political opinion in this country ? Will my voice be heard ?  Does it even matter what people like me think?  My opinion has little or no value in my home country.  I do not know how to influence or shape opinion in my own homeland - is there a point being vocal in the US?  Well, these might be PhD musings as my blog's title says and I might figure out the real meaning behind all these random rants  Maybe I won't.  It does not matter....what matters is that I have a Markov graph model to estimate and a dissertation to defend !

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Ravi said...

I totally hear you man..