Saturday, April 14, 2007

A new personal driving record

I have driven a lot in the last few years.  Mostly between Penn state and detroit.  However, this week, I set my own personal record for aggregate mileage in a week.  Starting on tuesday of last week through tomorrow (sunday), I would have completed a road trip that would have taken me from detroit to DC to Penn state to detroit to Cincinnati and finally back to detroit.  A total of 1730 miles and 28 hours of driving.  An absolutely useless achievement - big in sleep deprivation and small in its contribution to my PhD :)

I am visiting my wife's sister's family in Cincinnati.  My wife's nephew, who is six, sits beside me and stares at my screen, and I could not stop thinking about my own childhood how at his age I had longed for a color television at my home and finally got it one day.  Technology has changed a lot.  Yesterday's television is today's laptop.  I wonder what the future holds like for my nephew.  A screen through time?

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