Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Michael Dell uses Linux on his laptop

Courtesy of my roommate, Arnav Ghosh I came to know that the CEO of Dell Inc. Mr. Michael Dell uses Linux on one his laptops.  Look at the link here.

His Precision laptop has the latest release of Ubuntu, fondly titled Fiesty Fawn as the main operating system.

Isn't it ironical that Mr. Dell would consider using it on one of laptops while his firm ships millions of PC's equipped with Windows ?:)  Credit has to be given to Mr. Dell. Dell has recently announced that it is seriously considering shipping Linux equipped PCs.  That will be the real shot in the arm for a Linux Desktop. 

By the way.also look for the software "Automatix2" on Mr. Dell's laptop.  Automatix is an open source software written by none other than my room mate Mr. Arnav Ghosh.  Automatix as its name suggests, automates the installations of the most commonly requested applications for Debian ( linux flavor) based operating systems such as the wildly popular Ubuntu.

Go Arnav! Go Ubuntu! Go Dell!

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