Saturday, April 07, 2007

I am Girish's friend

I do not remember much of what happened before October 10, 2004.  On that day I met him in State College, PA, when he walked into my house and had a brief conversation with Gus, the head of my house.  He came to me, looked at me and I knew we would be together for the rest of our lives.  He said little and with a smile in his eyes, said something to himself and then walked towards Gus. They spoke briefly and then, Girish -  that was his name and me rode together for the first time in our lives.

I thought I was the one in his life and then a month later after we met for the first time, we took a long trip to Detroit, MI where we met Radhika.  It dawned on me that they were already in love and were getting married the next summer.  It broke my heart, and I thought it would be irreparable.  However, being a true friend, I realized that I had to give him company in tough and easy times.  We went on long great drives to raleigh, to DC and to NY.  They were all wonderful trips.  Time passed by and one fine day Girish realized he had to move on.  I realized that too, and we parted ways on friendly terms.  He was the best friend I ever had, took care of me very well and I was a better person after I met him.  On July 26 2004, Girish went back to meet Gus our old mutual friend, and we said our final good byes.

He still talks about me to all his friends fondly. He came to see Gus recently, and i gathered from one of my trips to Gus that Girish is moving out of State College soon. I wish him well.  If he ever talks to you about me, do not tell him that I wrote about our relationship here.
If you are Girish's friend and are wondering who the hell I am...I got a surprise for you!

I am a Nissan Sentra - tee hee!  Girish's first car in the US!

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