Sunday, April 08, 2007

How Intel and Cisco changed the dynamics of higher education in Andhra Pradesh!

Circa 2000 I overheard an amazing conversation at a marriage party that I attended.  My father's cousin was getting married in Hyderabad and a few of my distant uncles had come to Hyderabad to attend the marriage.  These guys are really well informed and I mean really well informed - they read just one newspaper - a very opinionated vernacular daily called "Eenadu".  Much of such guys' knowledge about science, geopolitics, weather, and, IT comes from this local newspaper.  I happened to be a witness to their conversation and I report it here faithfully.
 Man 1 : Boss, do you know that Intel and Cisco are beginning to suffer from the .com bust?
 Man 2 :  Yeah! I even read that there is going to be a  big announcement involving  job cuts in the US.
(You have to realize that these two guys have no knowledge about the product markets of these two companies or what .com means)

Man 1 (with a concern on his face):  Sure, that is why I have been trying to convince my son to consider taking Electronics and Communications instead of Computer Science at EAMCET counseling.

Man 2:  That is an excellent idea.  It will give them options in other fields.

Well, it is like the butterfly effect ,truly -  no obvious link but the sheer utter stupidity of an idiot's processing of some vague information  that has been reported by another idiot.

Suddenly, ECE becomes more popular as a branch of engineering for fresh high-schoolers than Computer Science because Cisco and Intel have announced lay offs.

Welcome to AP ! Welcome to eenadu! And, more importantly -  welcome to the wise men of my home town - Bandar (Machilipatnam).  More posts on the gems these guys have generated over time will follow.

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