Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What Am I?

This post is about how I made a fool of myself at a pub a few years ago. I had gone out with a few of my PhD colleagues, after one of them had finished writing her PhD qualifiers. Her husband had also accompanied us and after a few good drinks, we started chatting (or rather blabbering) about a lot of things. He is pretty open about his political affiliations and obviously, he was a Democrat - who else will you find in a university town:). Suddenly, he said, and I quote, "Girish, what can I say about myself - I am a blue man in a red state". He was using the colors to refer to the fact that our county in pennsylvania was largely republican (red) and often he finds himself a a loner, being a democrat (blue).

Me, being an idiot (drunk), could not figure out that he was referring to the political affiliation, had no clue what he said and wanting to be a smart aleck said, and I quote, "Hal, I am a brown man in a white state - can you beat that?"

P.S: I am not very sure if the others figured out if I had or had not figured out the context of Hal's comment. They were all too drunk to even remember :)

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disillussioned_me said...

well, i guess the alcohol brings out the best in men! lolz