Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Marriage as discovery!

A number of Americans have asked me if mine was an arranged marriage. I smile and tell them "sort of". They get curious and then the usual explanations follow! To those who know me personally - well you know the story.

For those who don't, well to keep a long story short - boy meets girl, boy has butterflies, boy asks girl, girl asks parents, parents say it is early, boy-girl grow up, bog-girl ask again, parents agree, boy-girl happy!

However, the truth about marriage, as I have figured, is that it is no different from digging through data. A process of discovery. You think you know how the world works, you develop a preliminary mental model, you look for real world data, you discover new things and then you develop explanations. Well, it is not really like hypothesis testing, but a process of discovery, the " Aha! I get it now" thing. it may be data fudging, but it is worth it.

Marriages are not made in heaven. They are made here on earth. They are built over time - love or arranged. Marriage provides a constrained framework for discovery. Arranged marriages come with a framework that is given, while love marriages try to build that framework.

Well for now, as I am the one getting a PhD I figured I can give some free gyan (knowledge)!

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