Thursday, March 29, 2007


There are some moments in life when you find yourself in such an embarrassing situation without your own fault.  Following is one:


In the summer of 1999, I felt like a high-achiever: admission at IIM L – gave up scholarships in the US for an Indian dream education and the likes.  Well, if there was anyone ready to listen to my IIM admission news, I was more than willing to tell them about it.  Specially to my relatives, as there was no one in my entire family who had come even remotely close to an IIM forget getting in.


I visited my aunt’s house one day and my aunt’s mother-in-law wad there.  She was an eighty year old woman who was very smart, but belonged to the past.  I should have had better sense, but vanity dominated my thought and the moment she asked me what my future plans were – I was very eager to tell her that I was going to an IIM.  She looked at me very sympathetically and said, “Girish, well you don’t have to feel bad.  I have  a nephew who studied there, what did you call it -  ah yes, an ITI, and he now owns an electric shop.  It will be ok”.  I was speechless. Never did I ever tell anyone older than 45 that I studied at an IIM.



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