Saturday, March 24, 2007

Acadia and Outlook

I saw both these vehicles at the Detoit Auto Show and was really impressed with GM's re-entry into the Crossover market.  New York Times has a good review on the newest GM Twins.

Review of Acadia and Outlook


Two of the biggest cricket fans I have met in my life : my nephew Surya and my pal Kayyes have personally indicated to em that they have given up their interest in cricket after India lost to Sri Lanka miserably.  I can only sympathize for the game.  losing such fans can only mean one thing: the days of cricket's cult status in India are over!

My interest in cricket waned with the end of Azhar's disgraceful exit.  I had grown up as his fan and ended it with him.


Anonymous said...

I dont think people in India will give up on cricket anytime soon. How long you think for your nephew to run on to the street with a ball and a bat - and how long do think your pal Kayyes will hold on not opening cricinfo website?... I think its the same with you...why do you even care about writting a blog on cricket if you have lost interest years ago...... (don't please tell me that you are urging all of us to grow up)

I admit that we cannot win every single game we play.. if we will then its not a game any more. Its very usual that people get upset when they loose or some one they admire the most loose..

Its just matter of time .. every body start cheering again for India against Bangladesh in May.....

See you back in May

-- The other Anonymous

Girish Mallapragada said...

Well, both those things that you said will happen have not happened!
And I am quite positive that I am not going to cheer in May. Just because, I chose to write on the topic does not mean that I still have interest in the fortunes of the team.
Anne Frank was not a Nazi!