Tuesday, February 06, 2007

R.J. Reynolds - beware!

New York times reports on a region of the brain called the "insula"  or the "insular cortex", that if tweaked can make people quit smoking altogether! Well, the insula is also believed to govern our ability to empathize with music, sense the progression of time among other important things.  A small part in brain's netherland that does so much and has been largely neglected.

Big Tobacco - lead by R.J.Reynolds beware - here come the neurosurgeons with their scalpels and their ability to tweak the insula pretty soon!!  I guess, you must have figured out the reaction by now - Big Tobacco funds research on insula and ensures that the good things never get done.  We are all aware what Big Tobacco does with its anti-smoking campaigns - they never are totally successful.  there lies the catch - of incentive alignment!

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