Thursday, January 25, 2007

To the F-150 truck beside me - up with you

Ford reported the second largest known corporate loss ever :).  Well, not at all surprising if one keeps selling pick up trucks in a world where the largest gas reserves are held by a Islamic monarchy!

Michigan roads (and probably Texas too) are a treat to the american car lover - the state never amazes me in the number of pick up trucks, SUV's and vans that are on the road.  With a very measly Saturn Ion (by the way it gives me over 36 mpg on the highway) I pretend to tremble at the next F-150 that overtakes me on the roads.  However, I now have one thing to say - up with you - you all gas-thirsty suckers!!!  Ride as much as you can before Ford goes belly up!  I just can't imagine how someone can spend 100% more gasoline than me to drive the same distance as I do.

GM has also been guilty of trying to design better SUV's in an auto-market waiting to adopt the next line of green vehicles.   At least, GM is turning around - cars are getting better, Volt was a great hit at the Detroit auto show, and the numbers are getting better.  Ford, in contrary has scrapped the Taurus - replaced it with a very mediocre Five Hundred.  No good car in the offing except probably the small focus.

I have not even started with Chrysler yet - and I already sound so nasty!

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