Thursday, January 18, 2007

products and pricing

The market reacted quite appropriately to new regarding Apple's revenue announcement and its shares are down almost 5% today.   However, wrt to Redhat .. the market was not nearly right - further pushing the stock down.  Sun's announcement to cut pricing on its Solaris support hit Redhat badly. I took this quote off Matt Assay's article here.

Products compete over the long-haul. Pricing does not.

RedHat is here to stay.  It will be a good alternative at least in the server world to mainstream corporate offerings.  There are some things which are too important to be left to the interests of investors. The genome project for instance. It need to be in the public domain for the greater good of "consumers", applied in the broader sense of the word, and society in general.  We really don't want Pfizer owning the IP for the human genome decoding.

Operating Systems are almost close to achieving that status and I hope we all realize that soon enough.

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