Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Minority Report or the B Doctrine

News reports are just emerging on a new attack on Islamic fighters in Africa. Preemptive use of force - the core principle of the current prominent military doctrine is the primary driver for such actions. While the entire legal system is based on the premise that the accused are assumed innocent until proven guilty, this doctrine violates this philosophy with no scruples. If an act is not committed yet, would you punish the "supposed offenders" - doesn't it seem like the plot out of the Spielberg movie - The Minority Report.

Where will this stop? Can one nation continue to encroach on the sovereignty of other nations using aggressive doctrines? Will a rich/powerful country allow attacks on its soil if there are who are plotting to kill citizens elsewhere? A great calamity on its soil surely cannot give the moral (or amoral) authority to a powerful country to seek vengeance and cause collateral damage on innocent people elsewhere.

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