Friday, January 26, 2007

Good effects of Niacin

Indian men apparently on average have thinner arteries than their western counterparts making them more prone to cholesterol build up and thus a possible stroke.  Throw in a few decades of fried vegetables and you have a very high incidence of cardio-vascular problems.

The way Big Pharma manipulates the system - neglect known old cures and try to figure out new ones so that patents can be filed and more money can be made !!  However, recently Pfizer had to pull the curtains on a trial drug it was experimenting with Torcetrapib because it apparently increased heart problems and death rates in the trial group. 

Read this article on HDL (good cholesterol) increasing Vitamin B3 or Niacin (or Nicotinic acid).    Naturally it is also available in protein rich foods - lentils and milk for vegetarians. It is available in India very easily - commonly known Beplex Forte -  Vitamin B-Complex tablets.

So all ye men (Indian specifically), don't lose hope because Pfizer lost ! Nature sure has a solution.

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