Friday, January 05, 2007

Product Alert!!!

A new product alert has been released.  CBS News reports it here

I am promising myself that I will soon stop contemplating macroeconomic issues and reading indianeconomy blogs and start focusing on marketing issues that are closer to my heart :)

I(we) am sick of big pharma!!

Will it ever end.  Came across this story, and could not help wondering - how many times have I read this type of storyline before. 

Wonder drug comes on the market; wonder drug hits 5 billion yearly sales in 4 years; patients develop new complications; wonder drug firms pays fines.  Give me a break!!  There must be some serious oversight at work in the FDA approval process.  If I am a bipolar disorder patient, I don't want my other guy get diabetes and die a premature death !! Is that what Eli was trying ? !

Agreed; that there will be side effects.  What's abhorring and scary is that Big Pharma hides such ill effects more often than it truthfully discloses them for making profits and increasing the wealth of shareholders!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Supplier power for a cause - Go Walmart

I am not a great admirer of Walmart - however, this story shifted my inclination quite a bit.  Walmart's slavish obsession with cutting costs produces environmentally friendly results (now often) inadvertently.  Wish Walmart figures out a way of twisting the arms of Big Oil and Big Auto as well !

On a different note, media has reported that Toyota might most probably overtake GM as the world's largest automaker in 2007, a position that GM has held for 81 years.  The win is symbolic for the Japanese firm that learnt most of its early tricks from the American firm it is beating up now :).  The last few years had already indicated that Toyota would be leading the pack !

Want to live longer?

An interesting read from NY Times. Well, you know the answer now... try to get a PhD or a double master's :)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Microsoft and bribery?

Microsoft has supposedly offered laptops loaded with Vista Ultimate to influential bloggers ! Read the story here. Well you can imagine why a firm would want to do that :) Bribery, of course, for not writing bad reviews on Vista and maybe even for writing good stuff.

Blogging has created a whole generation of citizen reporters and independent reviewers and no force on earth (MS included) can alter the course of media history. Identifying influential bloggers and using them as opinion leaders for marketing propaganda seems to be the holy grail for marketers. However, millions of roving reviewing eyes are sure to see through this guile, even if the influential ones are ready to be bribed. The very notion of influence in the blogging world relies on credibility and when there is a conflicting signal from a credible source, I believe that the system is mature enough to discredit the source than to buy into the signal.

Let Cricket be freed from the Tommies!!

An interesting thought just struck me!! The headline "SA resumes batting after tea" seems ridiculous to me. Not all cricket drinking nations are tea-loving! In fact tea itself has chinese roots and there is no history (ever) of the chinese playing cricket!!

Why should we continue to call the post-lunch break of a test match the "tea" break!!

I have an idea for breaking this - one of the soda sponsors should just stamp down calling it something else and free the free cricketing world from this relic of cricket's colonial roots!