Monday, December 18, 2006

Mickey - Santa is not yours !!!

This article tells us of the extreme extent to which trademarks are being pushed to !!!

Disney tells Santa clone ho-ho no

Santa belongs to millions of kids around the world and not just to the privileged few who can visit Disney's theme parks.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

What about human rights?

China buys 4 nuclear reactors from the US

The Chinese successfully managed to buy 4 nuclear reactors from the US.  I might be making a moot point, but I will make it anyway.  I find it amusing that there is no talk of the Chinese government trampling on the human rights of millions as long as the world's economic powers can sell something to the chinese !!

While a democratic country like India faces so much opposition to a "superficial" nuclear deal involving technology transfer, a communist regime gets to buy nuclear reactors at discounted market prices.  This mirrors the failure that i called UN and how it has come "not" to reflect the current geo-political power shifts.  A communist regime that is not be trusted is allowed to buy nuclear technology on the open market, while a democratic country (almost no human rights violations) with established nuclear capability and responsibility has to jumpo through red-tapism to get a nod from big brother.

Open your eyes US.  The world's most powerful democracy needs to be more proactive about its relationship with the world's largest.