Friday, September 08, 2006

Ridiculous Expenses and the World Bank Project

This story goes way back to 2001. Some of my friends had joined Accenture and were immediatly put on the AP State Electricity Board restructuring project. These guys were working out of Taj Krishna and were being paid an astronomical daily allowance for their stay in hyderabad (somethign like 60 Uk pounds a day). There were about 5/6 guys wand they were on this project for close to a year and guess what their residence was at the five star hotel. Where did the money come for this project? You got it right.. out of the World Bank approved funds for the restructuring and the AP govt happily obliged by hiring Accenture to do the job.
So, we have a bunch of guys who do not have local knowledge, cannot speak the language and have no way of properly communicating with the Assistant Engineers of the board traveling all over the state and trying to fix a problem, they can't even talk about.

Well, the current state of the board is a reflection of this endeavor.