Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Trolltech woos developers with "open" Linux phone

Trolltech woos developers with "open" Linux phone

Linux pushes on in the mobile space, I was thrilled at this and some other earlier announcements by Motorola. The next time I buy a cell phone I will definitely look out for a Linux based phone!!

Niall Ferguson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Niall Ferguson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Colossus: the Rise and Fall of the American Empire"

This guy has an interesting perspective on America's spremacy on the world stage. As civilizations rise and fall ...there will always be periods in history when one nation state dominated the world stage. However, slowly and surely we are moving back to a more balanced scenario at least politically and economically, if not militarily, where US cannot act on things along without taking the views of China, EU and maybe even India's views into account.

However one may put it, we have to acknowledge that world politics are still dominated by mankind's thirst for oil.

There will be a day when other issues take over. I look forward to that day, as I am sick and tired of the current scenario.

Intriguing perspective on Obesity

Fat Factors - New York Times

If you have the patience read this article in full. Briefly, the notion is similar to the link between pylori bacteria and ulcers; that the microbes in our gut play a role in determining our ability to extract calories from food and thereby affecting our fat storage and hence obesity .