Thursday, April 13, 2006

benefits of Open Source

It is all about choice. As consumers we want to express choice, and I am sure everyone out there agrees with me. have you ever wondered, why there is no choice for us, as consumers when we try to purchase a computer from one of the computer manufacturers.
Why is it that it is only windows? The argument that the fittest survive is not a reasonable answer, given that "fittest" in this case means "unethical" busines practices leading to reduced consumer choice.

many of us just brush this matter away by saying that it does not matter to me as long as the works done. Why is it that we choose to behave this way when it comes to one of the most important things in our life, that of managing our information and daily acitivities, while we care so much about choice and everythign else when it comes as mundane things as jeans, cars, perfumes and everythign uder the sun.

Frankly, I think we do not understand the implications of our decision in the information world. we tend to ignore choices from the free world, because we think they are developed by a bunch of youngsters with probably spy-ware in them or soemthing like that. What we don't realize is that we are giving up good products for convenience, and we are encouraging firms that charge preice-premiums for products that are actually not all that valuable, because there are alternatives available.

Do you really think MS should be charging us 300 USd or so for a product it first launched in a logn time ago? What about lowered rpices as tehcnology evolves.. well we did not see it in the software world!!

And to top it all, we have the foundation which donates miullions to poor countries to mask the wounds it inflicts upon important things that can change the world of the poor!!!

E-governance requires an adoption of open source products, and the grand plan of MS is to somehow stop this from becoming a phenomenon.

My call goes out to everyone out there who is making decisions on IT products to think open source. Firms such as IBM and HP actively support community intiatives and Open soucr is here to stay. So, please get rid of the unnecessay fears and dare to adopt. Start small, use fire fox, thunderbird, open office and all those everyday open source products and that will go a logn way in the fight against closed source.

think of it as buiying a car and chagign the paint, replacing the engine and tinkerign with the valve timing.. if we are able to do it for products that change our lives.. we shoudl have that freedom in products that have started to change our lives. it is for all out good.

a cynical and miserable PhD student